Do you have an idea about Dynamics 365?

We have lots of products, solutions, features and functionalities in the Dynamics 365 platform. When you look at the roadmap of Dynamics 365 you can see lots of new functionality is coming in the next months. Most of the time the new functionality is bundled into a wave every 6 months. The latest Wave is 2020 Wave 2.

But how do we get the ideas to add the new functionality to Dynamics 365? Very high on our priority list are the voted ideas on the Dynamics 365 experience portal. Our Program Managers and development teams discuss all the proposed ideas and decide what to functionality to build into Dynamics 365. For every idea a status is tracked, so you can see if an idea is picked up by the program team already (under review) or even implemented (completed).


The priority of the list is done by you. Easily by upvoting certain ideas. To vote for an idea simply log on to the experience portal and use the Voting buttons to upvote an idea. The more votes an idea gets, the more priority it will get on the list of ideas. If needed you can also add comments to an idea to explain your situation and how this idea solves your problem. If an idea does not exist yet, then you can create your idea and share your idea with others to get it upvoted. Maybe your idea will be made available in the upcoming wave.

Steven Vlaanderen Oldenzeel

Steven Vlaanderen Oldenzeel
Partner Technical Architect for Business Applications
Microsoft Western Europe

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